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JUUL® Lawsuits

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Man with e-cigarette vaping.

JUUL lawsuits are being filed on behalf of people who have used JUUL products (also known as “Juuling”) and experienced respiratory illness, seizures, strokes, heart attacks, and even death and also by people who have become addicted to nicotine as a result of e-cigarette use.

People harmed by vaping e-cigarettes may be entitled to compensation. Contact us for a free consultation about filing an e-cigarette lawsuit if you or a loved one has used JUUL products and experienced:

  • Seizures
  • Pulmonary (lung) disease
  • Respiratory failure
  • Hemorrhagic stroke (intracerebral hemorrhage)
  • Ischemic stroke
  • Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  • Death due to any of events described above
  • Or
  • Developed an addiction to nicotine after using JUUL e-cigarettes
  • Suffered burns as a result of a Juul device explosion or fire

We are now pursuing e-cigarette lawsuits for people who vaped and qualify. You pay nothing unless we win your case. Call us at 800-796-1636 or submit your case details online and someone will contact you shortly.

Our experienced attorneys take a personalized, compassionate approach. We cut through the legalese and partner with our clients. We also have access to the expertise, resources, and manpower to fully investigate each case and fight for and with our clients to get the justice they deserve.

For details on the JUUL multi-district litigation, visit our JUUL Litigation Tracker.

Man with e-cigarette vaping.

What are E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes, full name electronic cigarettes and also known as e-cigs, are battery-powered devices used to “vape” (inhale vapor of) nicotine instead of smoking it. Initially touted as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes and used by some people to quit cigarette smoking, e-cigarettes came in flavors until early 2020, when all flavors except nicotine and menthol were banned in premade pods. Many e-cigarette pods contain more nicotine than traditional cigarettes. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances there is.

JUUL Safety Claims

In 2019, the FDA contacted at least one e-cigarette manufacturer—Juul, which was also the most popular brand with the largest market share—to warn them that their claim that e-cigarettes are safe may have violated the law, because the FDA never approved such a claim. Furthermore, use of e-cigarettes by teens and young adults has been increasing yearly in the U.S., and e-cigarette companies have been criticized for marketing that had been deemed aimed at youth. Acting FDA Commissioner Ned Sharpless, said, “Juul has ignored the law, and, very concerningly, has made some of these statements in school to our nation’s youth.” The government has since raised the age for purchasing e-cigarettes from 18 to 21 years old.

E-Cigarette Associated with Many Health Issues

New e-cigarette studies are being conducted and reported on frequently. In addition, e-cigarette users are experiencing serious physical and neurological issues, and many have become addicted to nicotine while using JUUL e-cigarettes. The manufacturers of these devices should be held accountable for the illnesses, pain, suffering, and damages they have caused.



Have you or a loved one experienced health issues or developed an addiction and used JUUL e-cigarettes?

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