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How to Avoid Heavy Metals in Your Baby’s Food: Some Literature for Parents

We are only reviewing cases where the child is diagnosed with autism and is currently 10 years old or younger OR ADHD and is currently 15 years old or younger.

Since a 2020 congressional investigation reported that manufacturers’ internal testing showed high levels of toxic heavy metals in baby foods made by many well-known brands, parents who fed their babies the contaminated food are filing lawsuits. But all parents also need information about how to find safe food to feed their babies.

Our team has collected these articles for you. We are not doctors or nutritionists, so we can’t endorse or vouch for this information. But the articles seem to come from reputable sources and most were written by physicians or reviewed by dieticians. We hope you find them useful resources to help you safely feed your babies.

Baby Food and Heavy Metals: What Parents Should Do Now

February 5, 2021
By Kevin Loria, Science Journalist who writes for Consumer Reports

“These recommendations from CR’s [Consumer Report’s] food safety experts and nutritionists will help you minimize your child’s heavy metal intake, while maintaining an overall healthy diet.”

Do Baby Foods Contain Toxic Heavy Metals? How to Check If Your Baby Food Contains Toxic Heavy Metals

September 16, 2021
Written by Brian Clista, MD | Reviewed by Patricia Pinto-Garcia, MD, MPH

This article from GoodRX Health, written by one M.D. and reviewed by another, reports on the status of heavy metals in baby food and suggests ways to avoid, or at least minimize, your baby’s exposure.

Heavy metals in baby food? What parents should know and do

March 5, 2021
By Claire McCarthy, MD, Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

This brief article from the publishing arm of Harvard Medical School summarizes the issues with heavy metals in baby food and ends with a section entitled “What steps can parents take to be sure baby foods are safe and healthy?”

How to avoid heavy metals in your baby’s food

February 5, 2021
By Marcella Gates | Medically reviewed by Erin Hinga, M.S., R.D. , registered dietitian

This medically reviewed article also sums up the dangers of heavy metals in baby foods, suggests alternatives and describes how parents can feed their babies more safely.

What Can Parents Do About Heavy Metals in Baby Food?

Date reviewed: March 2021
Reviewed by: Mary L. Gavin, MD

An M.D.-reviewed article from Kid’s Health with tips on how to avoid baby foods containing heavy metals.

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